XC Ski SKATE Love the Hills - Thurs 26th Jan

XC Ski SKATE Love the Hills - Thurs 26th Jan

To climb a hill on skates you use a particular gait called 'skate 1' and if you get it right it makes hills easy (well easier!), in fact our goal this session is to have you climbing without poles! You will learn to love the climbs, and enjoy the power you create from having your body in the correct position. We will do a lot on legs, and hips and soon have you savouring the ups. What goes up must come down, so we'll also look at how to deal with the descents.

DATE: Thurs 26th Jan
TIME: 9:30 - 11:30am
MEETING POINT: tbc in the CHAM valley depending on snow conditions
KIT NEEDED: Skate kit, waxed skis, a drink.
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Winter Cancellation Policy:

1) Let us know up to 7 days prior to the session and we can REFUND or you can REBOOK?

2) Let us know inside 7 days of the session and we can help you find a replacement for your session place.  If a replacement is found you receive your REFUND. If no replacement for your space is found it is not possible to REFUND.

3) If you cancel within 48hrs of the session ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND

- All clients booking a lesson must make sure they have the appropriate ski insurance. If booking all-mountain, or off-piste lessons ensure to check your policy covers this type of activity.

- All logistics will be given to our clients, it is the responsibility of the clients to make sure they know meeting points, times and also make themselves known to the ski instructor. Always have a way of contacting the instructor.

- We cannot be held responsible for conditions out of its control such as slope/lift closures due to bad weather or if the lesson is cancelled due to injury. If such things happen we are happy to supply a letter to your insurance company.

- We do not accept responsibility for injuries sustained in lesson, Skiing has inherent risks which can result in serious injury.

- We recommend all off-piste skiers have the appropriate equipment and know how to use it. You need to have a working transceiver, a shovel and probe in a backpack. We also highly recommend that you carry a mobile phone at all times.

- Refunds can take up to and include 10 working days via Stripe Payment Platform.

- We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions set.

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